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The Best Global Payroll Providers In 2020



In simplest terms, global payroll providers help corporations manage payroll processing in cross-border working environments. They also help ensure that companies stay fully compliant with the different payroll regulations that frequently vary from country to country. Lastly, for larger companies, accuracy is matter most. And global payroll providers are one of the best ways to ensure the high degree of accuracy these companies rely on.

However, when it comes to picking out the best possible multi-country payroll provider - it's comparable to car shopping. You'll need to look "under the hood" to find many fine details such as the provider's ability to handle different languages, cultural needs, and currencies involved, all while taking care of the necessary compliance.

And in today's busy world, many payroll professionals just don't have the heap of time that it would take to do a thorough investigation of every single option under the sun in order to find the top options that would provide the ultimate fit for your business.

That's exactly why we've gone ahead and picked apart the top multi-country payroll providers, payroll softwares, and payrolling companies in today's day and age to bring you a finite comparison and a list of our top picks. All in order to help you find the perfect solution for your company!

Our Top Picks For The Top Multi-Country Payroll Providers

1. CloudPay - Best Global Payroll Provider In 2020

With some of the most prominent global corporations among CloudPay's 2500+ satisfied customers, it's not hard to see why this 24-year-old payroll provider is quickly rising to the top of the industry. Top companies like Visa, Expedia, and Intuit put their trust in CloudPay's remarkable technology and fantastic offering when it comes to global payroll solutions.

CloudPay provides expert services and a robust cloud platform to help companies alleviate the complexities of global payroll across over 130 countries. Whether you need help integrating their platform into your existing suite of tools and applets or full-scale guidance on cross-border payroll processing - CloudPay's expertise and top-notch payroll solutions are definitely a go-to option for companies of all sizes.

Their payroll platform integrates perfectly with your existing HCM and ERP systems while helping you automate payroll functions. Thanks to this seamless integration, you're able to track employee data end-to-end and give your employees a degree of self-service options to manage their own data. In turn, this helps lower IT expenses and shave down on administrative involvement throughout the payroll process.

In addition to this, they maintain perfect international compliance along with a clearly visible audit trail adapted to each unique location that you operate in.

Unlike most other payroll solutions, CloudPay also features an extensive analytics suite. You'll be able to create and tailor validation schemes to secure payroll data, create error triggers, and comparative reports on the fly and validate payroll data with LPI integrations. While none of these functions are necessarily revolutionary by themselves, CloudPay has managed to combine all of them (and more) into one elegant data-processing suite, helping you save money and time on having to resubmit payroll data and re-run the process.


Incredibly powerful yet comprehensive suite of payroll management tools.

In-depth and customizable data processing functionality with support for third-party integrations.

Seamless integration with HCM and ERP platforms.

Consistent, accurate, and entirely compliant payroll results across 135+ countries.


Customer support can take a bit of time when responding and addressing any reported issues.


All in all, with 24 years of experience behind their belts - CloudPay has created an incredibly powerful, accurate, and yet, comprehensive global payment processing solution. Their services and platform alike are a fantastic resource for any company that's looking to simplify payroll processing in a multinational environment while being entirely accurate and compliant.

2. Ceridian Dayforce

Undeniably, Ceridian is one of the most extensive all-in-one platforms in today's market. Their eloquent solution combines all core global HCM functions into one well-rounded and easy to use suite. Effectively, it corrals all of the data from your employee lifecycle to help you make better decisions across every level of management.

Ceridian Dayforce effectively combines an extensive HR suite with payroll, workforce management, and a regulatory suite in one solution. This means that once a new employee is brought on, they'll be visible across all endpoints of the system immediately - no overnight updates, no lengthy back and forth to synchronize data across the border.

In addition to this, Dayforce features a scalable and flexible rule-based system that offers a good degree of customizability to how your payroll services should go. This means that employees are able to partially manage some of their individual data, which ultimately alleviates some of the burdens off of your HR and payroll departments.

And with three consulting partners to ensure seamless integration into your existing operational processes, you're in good hands when it comes to the implementation, testing, and deployment. They also provide extensive training to make sure that the entire transition is smooth.


Employees are easily able to make use of self-service offerings such as tracking their pay and managing their own payroll data.

Ability to do payroll on the go with mobile devices.

Automated reporting makes it very easy to spot potential issues before payroll is finalized.


Implementation is occasionally not seamless and can take a good bit of time to resolve any bugs or issues fully.

Ceridian's customer support system is often confusing to navigate, and customer support representatives are often slow in responding to critical issues.

Our Verdict:

Ceridian Dayforce is a fantastic all-in-one global HCM suite with powerful and flexible global payroll capabilities that help cut down on administrative involvement while ensuring total accuracy and cross-border compliance.

3. ADP Global View

With over 65 years of experience in offering effective payroll services in a cross-border environment, ADP has definitely established itself as one of the leaders amongst all of the various global payroll providers out there. And with a flexible, powerful, and comprehensive global payroll solution like GlobalView, it's no surprise that they've made our list.

Just like Ceridian's Dayforce - ADP GlobalView is one of the top HCM suites available in this day and age. They aggregate all employee data end-to-end to create a complete and elegant hosted global employee management solution that allows you to do payroll on the fly while tracking other essential employee data. The core payroll functions include processing, tax management, and a system to track benefits and other compensation for employees.

The solution is built with small, medium, and large businesses in mind. It's particularly well-suited for businesses that regularly operate in a global marketplace, thanks to its stellar multilingual capabilities as well as strict focus on international compliance.

Additionally, it offers a decent degree of customization in the form of custom policies that can be applied to specific groups of employees based on role and location, which is helpful when it comes to managing project profitability and costs.


Hosted solution with relatively simple and seamless integration.

Well-optimized for managing payroll on the go on mobile devices.

Extensive multilingual support and strict compliance policies.


Lacks employee self-service capabilities and personal data management.

Offers little in terms of 360-degree feedback or reporting.


All in all, ADP Global View is a fantastic HCM with an equally robust payroll software toolkit. However, the payroll management component definitely gives way to many other top payroll providers.

4. ActivPayroll

Unlike ADP, ActivPayroll is a newer payroll provider that has been operating out of the UK since 1999. They offer a very elegant web-based payroll management suite to help businesses process payroll, ensure global tax compliance, manage their talent, and generate comprehensive top-down reports.

While it's not a human capital management suite in its own right, their payroll software features seamless integration with popular suites like Workday, SAP, Oracle, and many more. This reduces the implementation time and helps you transition to the platform faster without uprooting your existing operational processes.

Additionally, ActivPayrol is one of the most extensive global payroll suites out there due to the fact that they actively support 140 countries across all six continents. Their platform allows for all sorts of multi-currency payments alongside total regulatory compliance in every jurisdiction they support.

Given their fantastic multi-national coverage, their platform is well-suited for companies that are actively expanding into a global marketplace. Taking into account their pricing and suite of offerings, this would mean that ActivPayroll is a great fit for medium and large corporations. This is also reflected in the fact that they provide custom-tailored payroll solutions for a majority of their active client base respective of their particular business needs.


Seamless integration with many popular third-party HCM systems, apps, and suites.

Ability to handle global tax compliance, time, and attendance, along with other essential payroll hr functions.

They actively provide custom payroll solutions based on the particular needs of your business.


It can be more expensive than most other payroll providers due to their hefty year-end fee.

Their suite doesn't provide an ideal fit for smaller businesses.


ActivPayroll is a fantastic payroll provider with over 20 years of experience in helping companies meet compliance regulations and simplify the process of maintaining payroll for a roster of employees on a global scale. It's also one of the more modular solutions and can be customized to fit your exact business needs - which comes with a higher than average price-tag.

5. Blue Marble Global Payroll

Compared to big names in the industry such as ActivPayroll and ADP, Blue Marble is the "new kid on the block." However, since they've opened their doors in 2013, their global payroll software solution, WebGlobe, has been making waves as one of the most approachable, flexible and easy to use solutions for keeping track of compliance and managing payroll activities across the globe.

Their cloud-driven suite of payroll tools ensures total compliance across over 135 countries while helping you stay organized and productive with easy to use reporting and analytics functionality. In addition to this, Blue Marble puts a heavy focus on data security with a single point of entry to manage your entire employee lifecycle and respective data.

They also put a strong highlight on the HR side of their suite, as managing an extensive employee base across the globe can be challenging due to the wealth of different regulations and compliance measures that you'll need to be aware of. Thankfully, Blue Marble consolidates all of this information directly within their management suite, which means you'll never risk running against penalties or other regulatory hot water.

The payroll suite also features a fairly simple self-service functionality allowing your employees to manage certain basic payroll-relevant data alongside standard HR functions. Overtop of this, there is a decent degree of flexibility as you're able to customize rule-sets and permissions to ensure that their payroll suite fits well with your overall business management processes.

While their payroll platform isn't exactly ground-breaking in terms of its functionality or offerings, where Blue Marble shines is their consulting services. Many global payroll providers will offer basic consultation during the integration and deployment phases, and then send you off to their customer support teams once the initial scope of the project has been carried out. In contrast, Blue Marble offers direct consulting services to assist their clientele's payroll, tax, and accounting departments in adjusting to new regulations, staying compliant, and alleviating many payroll challenges that come with going global.


A comprehensive suite of tools to streamline payroll processes.

Extensive consulting offering that helps clients overcome the challenges associated with global payroll management and processing.

Friendly and fast-acting customer support team.


The reporting functionality is fairly limited, and you can only verify the accuracy of payroll activities on the day after they're finalized.


Blue Marble Global Payroll is a fantastic provider for multi-national businesses that need a simple and comprehensive solution to manage a cross-border employee base. Despite their platform being fairly basic in comparison to many of the other leading cross-border payroll platforms, it features everything you'll need to manage your payroll activities and stay compliant in a global environment.

6. Papaya Global

With some hefty ambitions to revolutionize the way global payroll goes for businesses, Papaya Global has been gaining massive traction since 2016 in the world of human capital and payroll management. And with an elegant online payroll software offering alongside an incredibly wide multi-national compliance coverage - it's no surprise that their 200 client roster features some renowned names like Microsoft, Intel, Fiverr, and more.

Their suite of payroll services currently provides coverage in just over 100 countries across the globe through their easy to integrate payroll management platform that enables companies to handle cross-border payments with ease. It features easy integration with the most popular human capital management and ERP suites to provide a payment endpoint for employees in their local currency and native language. Additionally, employees are able to make use of the platform's robust self-service functionality to manage their own payroll data, submit invoices and receive pay, benefits, and other forms of compensation on the fly.

On the administrative side, Papaya Global provides an eloquent data management system that allows you to consolidate all data, reporting, and analytics in one place. Starting with employee data, companies are able to manage all of their local partners, contractors, and EORs to manage their global chain of operations. Additionally, you're able to work with crucial employee data from all stages of their employee lifecycles and get access to comprehensive and informative reports on the fly, directly inside of their payroll platform.

Papaya Global is gaining traction due to the scalability of their payroll system, how well it connects with industry-leading analytics and business intelligence solutions and the incredible zero error-rate. However, while their payroll system is definitely incredibly advanced - it's stunningly easy to use and deploy in a short period of time, even across complex operational setups.


A single powerful yet easy to use end-to-end solution for payroll management and processing.

Compliance coverage in over 100 countries, with expert consultation available to help companies demystify global payroll.

Cutting edge security technology for ultimate data protection.

Incredibly scalable platform with easy, seamless integration with leading HRIS and ERP platforms.


Communication with their customer support team can be delayed at times.

No ability to track time and attendance.


All in all, Papaya Global offers a fantastic global payroll management platform for small businesses, medium companies, and large corporations alike. Their platform is as easy to use as it is technologically advanced. You can expect incredibly accurate processing, seamless integration into other suites and tools alongside a fantastic BI platform to uncover trends and insights on your employees. Put simply - Papaya Global is an option that's well suited for practically any size, shape, and type of business operating in an international or cross-border environment.

Global Payroll FAQ

1. What are the risks associated with payroll outsourcing?

The biggest downside associated with outsourcing your payroll is the fact that you effectively surrender a good deal of flexibility and control that you'd otherwise see with internal payroll.

You won't be able to get the "payroll guy" to delay processing by a few minutes or get a new employee set up right before the clock hits 5 PM. When you outsource your payroll needs, you are bound by strict timing and deadlines. While most providers will do their due diligence to work towards Service Level Agreements - it's ultimately on you to keep your end of the bargain.

The second issue with outsourcing your payroll is the potential for security issues and prospective data breaches. Let's face it - compromised data and identity theft are absolute nightmares, and sending your employees' sensitive personal data to a third party always leaves you exposed to some degree. In modern times, hackers know full well that top-level payroll providers are a fantastic gold-mine of identifiable and exploitable data, and as such, these providers are frequently the targets of high-profile attacks and breach-schemes.

2. How can I save money on payroll?

It's no secret that payroll can cost you both lots of money and even more time. And if you're struggling to keep the right resources engaged at all times, you may end up having to deal with costly mistakes. This is why many companies are switching over to outsourcing their payroll. Working with a third-party provider can help you reduce the risk of errors or being outside of compliance regulations and get the job done in a far more cost-efficient manner.

Another way to save money on payroll activities is to embrace the digital age and do away with old-fashioned paper cheques. They can cost upwards of $2.00 to cut, print, and process. At the same time, direct deposits can less than $0.35, which can mean a savings of $1.65 right there. And when you scale that up across thousands of transactions, the savings can quickly add up.

3. Is outsourcing payroll a good idea?

Despite the fact that some businesses like to keep their payroll "in-house," there are a number of benefits that come with outsourcing payroll.

The first and possibly the easiest to see off the bat is the fact that outsourcing your payroll saves a lot of time. That's time that you can reinvest into tasks that will help your business grow. Whether it's upping the ante when it comes to sales, taking your marketing initiatives to the next level, or devoting more attention to workplace efficacies - you're freeing up your valuable resources to direct their attention towards the areas that really matter.

In addition to this, outsourcing your payroll also allows you to reduce your overhead costs due to the fact that you're removing the fraction of time spent on processing payroll tasks from the overall equation.

4. What percentage of companies outsource payroll?

According to recent studies, nearly 40% of companies in the United States are actively outsourcing their payroll processing, and 43% are actively outsourcing their tax-related activities.

It's also worth noting that, according to a recent survey by Deloitte, nearly 70% of the companies who are outsourcing their payroll processing are fully satisfied with their solution.

5. What is global payroll?

In simple terms, global payroll is the multi-country payroll function that factors into your overall business operations. You're managing payroll servicing related to all of your international offices, employees, vendors, and so forth, all from one central location.

Multi-country payroll software and solutions usually come in the form of a cloud-driven suite that integrates with your existing HR and ERP suites, allowing you to seamlessly carry out payroll processing while ensuring absolute accuracy and total compliance across borders.

6. Who is the largest payroll provider in the world?

As of 2020, ADP is thought to be the largest payroll provider across the globe. They offer their services to an incredibly diverse breadth of clientele - from solopreneurs to international enterprises alike.

7. Which payroll company is best?

While there is no shortage of payroll companies out and about in today's day and age - it's undeniable that some of them just stand a cut above the rest. Having reviewed the majority of today's most popular payroll providers, we've determined CloudPay to be the top international payroll provider in 2020.

8. What is the best online payroll service?

If you're not in need of global payroll capability - Intuit offers one of the most comprehensive suites for solopreneurs, small businesses, and S corporations alike. Their suite offers robust functionality and seamless payroll at the touch of a button.

Alternatively, if you are planning to carry out cross-border payroll activities, CloudPay is our top selection for the title of the best global payroll provider in 2020. In fact, it's worth noting that Intuit is one of their global offering customers, alongside many other top global enterprises such as Expedia, VISA, and even S&P Global.

Closing Thoughts - Choosing The Top Provider For Your Needs

If you've stuck with us up until now, you've now got a comprehensive overview of the top multi-country payroll platforms and providers on the market today. We've also covered the critical elements that set certain providers a cut above the rest and answered frequently asked questions to make sure you've got all the information on hand to make the ultimate decision for your business.

 Having reviewed all of the top providers, we personally recommend CloudPay. Their suite's extensive flexibility, easy integration, and powerful yet comprehensive suite of offerings along with the super friendly pricing make for one of the top payroll solutions for companies operating on a global scale.


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